Why this month is Asian Americans’ month

Courtesy Wikipedia. Original is in the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. I didn’t realize until this week that the choice of May as the month to honor Asian Americans was partly because of the role of Chinese immigrant labor in the construction of the first North American transcontinental railroad, which…

lee anne wong poke

Poke: theme and variations at the Kahala Hotel

The Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is underway with events this week that not only delight local attendees but alsos erve to explain to visiting mainlanders what Hawaiian regional cuisine is all about. Tuesday morning at the Kahala Hotel & Resort, Chef Mavro and Lee Anne Wong gave demonstrations of…


Local ownership is better: the Sports Authority example

No one bid for the full Sports Authority chain at the recent liquidation auction on the mainland. No one wanted 463 struggling stores. No one wanted even to snap up 463 struggling stores in order to close the 200 weakest ones and refresh the rest. Sports Authority has now told…


Energy conservation… in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. “That’s like carrying coals to Newcastle.” Ever hear that? It was a common phrase for generations when coal was king. Newcastle was a great mining center. The phrase, synonymous with unnecessary or ill-advised endeavor, was a British cousin to the American phrase about the salesman…


Music Post: More music by living composers

Composer Paul McCartney. Gene Schiller, whose show “Morning Café” obliges him to come up with five times as many show themes as I do, has several recurring themes that I look forward to on my drive home from the TV station, including “Classics of Chamber Music,” “Mostly Baroque,” and “Film…


Music Post: Stories Behind the Great Classics

Did an older brother cause Bach to go blind? Was Handel ever in trouble with King George? Probably not, but these are just two of the many great legends behind classical music. And some of the stories are actually true. Okay, not the one about Salieri, but some of them….


What they’re saying about the Donald overseas

The Economist is a British magazine that covers the world from an economic point of view. It is not anti-American but British views of America break through from time to time. And its writers and reporters spend enough time covering Europe and Asia to view America from afar, as it…


Makana makes his public debut

Our dog Makana, now seven months old, will be part of a show-and-tell display today at the Oahu Veterans Center, and the “Sunrise” team has decided to send me and photographer Ben Mercier so we can show the dog on television tomorrow or whenever. This will effectively be his coming…


Music Post: Jazzed-up classics other than Bach

The genre of jazzed-up classical music really took off in 1963, when, at almost the same time, two French ensembles began releasing albums of jazzed-up Bach. “Bach’s Greatest Hits” featured the Swingle Singers, a Paris group even if led by Alabama-born Ward Swingle. “Play Bach” was recorded by the Jacques…


Music Post: The human voice as an instrumental choice

The closest I come to playing an instrument is my own voice, having sung with my five siblings as a child, so it is a curious thing that I tend not to enjoy vocal music as much as instrumental music. Furthermore, when I do appreciate vocals, it is often because…