First look at the August arrivals data: another record month

It looks like August could be another record month for Hawaii visitor traffic, based on the first examination of arrivals data from the month.

Based on daily arrivals counts and a running total posted every working day by the state Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, we got 822,264 arrivals by air in August, up 11.1% from the same month last year. For comparison purposes, the arrivals count was 710,043 in May, 790,889 in June and 843,434 in July.

Arrivals include locals returning from their own trips to other places, and this is usually considered to work out to very roughly 13% of the total, though it obviously fluctuates. We’ll give a firmer figure on actual visitors in about a month, but this very preliminary data, available but not announced, looks promising.

August arrivals from Japan, 163,859, were up 7.3% and international arrivals other than from Japan or Canada, 59,869, were up 20.9 percent from August 2011.

Mainland arrivals to Honolulu, 363,001, were up 9.7%;  to Maui, 138,668, were up 8.8%; to the Big Island, 51,109, were up 4.8%; to Kauai, 45,759, were down 0.7%.

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