Music Post: How I Do “HDO”


Recently I have taken to shooting selfies in the Hawaii Public Radio studio on Saturday morning just to have a photo to put with the weekly FB reminder that the show is coming on. Last weekend, though, it occurred to me to shoot the actual studio and explain what you see in the photo.

This is what I see when I’m sitting there.

On the left you can see the two compact disc players I use.

In the foreground are two CD jewel cases. The left one is the CD in the upper machine and the right one is in the lower machine. That’s how I keep them straight.

In the center of the control board is my cue sheet, with times and performers and so forth. I use reasonably large print after forgetting my reading glasses a couple times. Just in case.

To the left of the cue sheet, controlling the CD player volumes, are two yellow faders, the leftmost of the two turned up to a very lightly higher volume. I do that with the one that is up next, so I know which fader to turn down when a piece ends.

The pile of CDs above the board, on the left, is music I haven’t played yet; the pile under the clock is music that has already been played.

There are two computer screens and two keyboards. The one on the left stores underwriting announcements, theme songs, and all kinds of other pre-recorded stuff. The one on the right is connected to the Internet and lets me post on Facebook during the show.

The clipboard on the left is the legal program log.

This is actually a simple set-up, allowing volunteers to come in once or twice a week and run their own control boards. Most radio stations have bigger, more complex set-ups, and HPR itself has other studios that are significantly more intricate.

“Howard’s Day Off” now airs live 5am-7am HST Saturdays, and 5pm-7pm HST Sundays, on KIPO Honolulu, KIPM Waikapu, KIPH Hana and KAHU Pahala and streams on .

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