Music Post: The pledge drive shows

Maybe it’s fitting that a show that little resembles any other show should behave differently during pledge drives. The original thinking at HPR was that 6 a.m. was too early to expect anyone to call in a pledge, and perhaps too early to ask volunteers to come in to answer…


Music Post: HPR’s Top 100 Classical List

In contemporary music, we can measure the popularity of albums by sales. We can measure individual tracks by clicks. Objective measurement can at least suggest “popularity.” In the world of oldies, it’s a little more complicated, because how a record sold when it was new may accord with how you…


State lawmakers: don’t impede rail

It is saddening to see Hawaii state lawmakers pretending that the soaring cost of Honolulu rail is a uniquely local scandal that can be fixed with some simple budget adjustments. The cost of rail is soaring because the cost of all public works projects is soaring, here and on the…


Music Post: Threes, more threes, and many more threes

The Eroica Trio. Their music is beautiful, too. Classical music is replete with trios, usually consisting of a piano, violin and cello, sometimes a violin, viola and cello, and, less commonly, other combination of instruments. The Baroque period gave us “trio sonatas” and the middle part of the typical scherzo…


When flying is a drag

Flying is such a hassle now, and that’s a problem for a state that is thousands of miles from anywhere and relies on visitors. No one who understands Hawaii would be surprised how closely we’ve followed the debacle in Chicago where Republic Airways, operating as United Express, bumped five people…


Music Post: Bridges and other musical pathways

In music, a bridge is a transitional passage that takes the music back to where it was originally. In “These Boots Were Made for Walking,” the chorus is a bridge back to the music of each verse. Some songs have no bridge, like “American Woman,” but most do. In a…


Music Post: All-American music

In 10 years of doing “Howard’s Day Off,” and more than 500 individual shows, I’ve easily done more than 50 shows of entirely American classical music. In the early years when the shows did not usually have themes, I once played nothing but American composers in the entire month of…


Neverbeens, aloners and foodies: future Hawaii visitors

You can’t interview a bunch of tourism marketing specialists without picking up some of the lingo of the trade. This morning at the Hawaii Convention Center, I spoke with the same people who today are briefing hundreds of hoteliers, airline executives and other people who work in the hospitality industry….


Music Post: Music of the organ, in classical music, jazz and rock

With a Presbyterian father and an Episcopal mother and a Baptist church across the street, and living in the suburbs rather than a big city, I saw plenty of churches but no really big ones until my teens at least. I heard organ music in church, sure, but nothing with…


The Obamacare challenge for Republicans

For years, Republicans made political hay by dissing Obamacare. It was an easy target. It converted millions of Americans from uninsured to insured, but not as many as promised, and the costs were high, as were all medical costs for all plans. Best of all, no one had to be…