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Music Post: No strings attached; music for winds

Igor Stravinsky went through a period when he avoided writing for strings because he had grown enamored of the role of breath in music. There is a great deal of “ha,” the breath of life in Pacific cultures, in Stravinsky’s “Symphony of Psalms,” in which the composer left out the…

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Trump, Sanders win New Hampshire

The first real primary of the 2016 presidential campaign has produced victories for Donald Trump, with 35% and no other Republican coming close, and Bernie Sanders, the senator from neighboring Vermont, getting 60% after drawing votes from Hillary Clinton across a broad range of demographics. A surprise second place finisher…


Music Post: Keith Emerson’s Piano Concerto

For the first time since his own recording in the 1970s, there is a new recording of Keith Emerson’s Piano Concerto No. 1. There is, so far as I know, no Piano Concerto No. 2, but I would like for there to be. Emerson Lake & Palmer were hot in…


What would a Hawaiian school of magic be like?

I’ve been a fan of the Harry Potter novels and movies, and of J.K. Rowling, ever since my daughter Leina’ala, herself already an adult, told me in her usual imperious way “You have GOT to read these books, Dad. They’re GREAT.” I did, and they were. One of my favorite…


Ravel, Beethoven and Higdon at the Hawaii Symphony

The Hawaii Symphony performs a special program tonight – Saturday night – and tomorrow – Sunday afternoon at Blaisdell. All three works on the program are favorites of mine so I thought I would take a moment and tell you about them. David Alan Miller will conduct. His home turf…


Music Post: The 28 B’s

Despite a personal inclination to make facetious remarks, I’m serious about things that matter, like the value of learning, and most themes of “Howard’s Day Off” reflect my own self-guided tour of music. But once in awhile there is an impulse to kick back and play this-and-that which leads to…


Iran, Israel, Britain, America, and drones

Iran flew a drone over a U.S. aircraft carrier a few days ago, shot video, and showed it on Iranian television. The Pentagon called the incident unprofessional but also said it posed no danger, and didn’t seemed particularly upset. That might be partly because the video showed the U.S. warship…


Music Post: A renaissance of older music

In 1968, when I turned 15, “Top 40” stations, playing until then mostly new rock, began playing “oldies,” including doo-wop music and very early Motown. Typically there would be one oldie an hour, announced by its own jingle (“WCAO! Solid gold!”) This was ancient music to me. No matter how…


Why not all of us are fans of the Eagles

I ought to be a fan of the Eagles. They were hot in the 1970s when my own life briefly came close to theirs. At 19 I was the morning newscaster on a rock station, juggling girlfriends with such feral felicity that by 24, when I married and became a…


Music Post: Lights, camera, action sequence!

Movie music, scored for orchestra, strikes me as part of the classical repertory and tradition, as much as Handel’s “Water Music” or Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” or a Strauss waltz or any other example of what Paul Hindemith called “music for use.” You may feel that playing movie scores at…