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Music Post: The several sides of Dmitri Shostakovich

We classical music fans have a boundless capacity to forgive composers for their character flaws provided we like their music enough. We forgive Bach and Beethoven and Brahms for being irrascible, and Wagner for being a philandering deadbeat anti-Semite. In the 20th century, when so many emigrated to America rather…


California’s overriding issue

A water emergency has been declared by the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, serving 1 million customers, citing record low water levels after three years of below-average rain. The Salton Sea, in far southern California, could dry up altogether at its current rate of evaporation. California’s largest lake…


Our topical storm (Ana)

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody needs to do much about it. Hurricane Ana, our current topical storm, disrupted a number of flights that use smaller aircraft, and there was a fair amount of road flooding, and we don’t do a lot of fishing tours during hurricanes. But the…


Music Post: Three views of a composer

I assume Jaco Pastorius meant the title of his Weather Report composition “Three Views of a Secret,” to refer to three fragmentary themes stitched together in a single excellent piece. On my public radio show this weekend I’ll  offer different perspectives on more than a dozen composers by playing three…


Concern about health care professionals’ judgement goes viral

President Obama today named an ebola czar, a White House official who will superintend America’s ebola response, reporting directly to Susan Rice and Lisa Monaco, the president’s national security and homeland security advisors. He is Ron Klain, former chief of staff to Vice President Biden and before that Vice President…


The 10-day pledge drive that lasted 12 days

Hawaii Public Radio met its fall fundraising goal of $1,030,000 between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. Thursday, and the independent nonprofit quickly returned to regular programming while volunteers partied in the Atherton Theatre. The initial 10-day drive fell so far short of goal that HPR managers, staffers and volunteers to0k four…


Tropical Storm Ana: Here we go again

Some people stock up on water by going to Costco. Bernadette stocks up by saving empty plastic bottles. Sure, bottled water is best for drinking. But a water that is somewhat less potable (drinkable) can be used to make a toilet flush even if city water is interrupted. Bernadette stores…


OPEC, the Fed, and the prices you pay

The complex interconnection of monetary policy, consumer price inflation, and oil profits is hard to explain, but worth taking the trouble to understand. The U.S. dollar is the default currency of oil commodity trades. A company in India that keeps its books in rupees, buying oil from the Saudi state…


A railroad deal that should be sidetracked

For years U.S. airlines have been choosing sides in a series of ever-larger mergers, producing a handful of gigantic carriers that are all noted for really awful service. The mergers themselves are noteworthy for not returning the savings that were promised. Now railroads, which did the same thing and years…


Chain of Craters Rd. and the chain of red tape

A friend told me a story of a midwestern state with a substantial Amish population. The state transportation department wanted all horse-drawn vehicles to display a reflective triangle on the back. The Amish didn’t want to do it because for them it was a symbol of the devil. Some Amish…