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On writing badly

When I was 20 years old, or maybe 21, I supplemented my $200 a week income as news director of WYRE Annapolis by writing stories for a weekly newspaper. There were two of them in that area, and the second “hired me away” from the first, probably by offering me…


The fragility of the world’s Internet connectivity

The Internet is supposed to be a network without a core, so that it can be cut anywhere and still function. That’s not always true, and the myth of redundant connections has been problem since the creation of the first network. Contrary to popular belief, the real reason for the…

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Flee, fly, flu

In my childhood I had pneumonia, bronchitis and pleurisy, which is pretty much the trifecta of respiratory illnesses. Pleurisy is the worst of the trio; whenever you breathe it feels like someone is impaling you with a fork. But these illnesses became less frequent after my dad quit smoking cold…

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Just a blog before I go

I’m flying Hawaiian to LAX tonight, thence on Delta to Baltimore via Atlanta (if Delta went to the Moon it would require a change of spacecraft at Hartsfield) to visit my dad, who turns 96 on March 31. I have to be back by then so the family will have…


Music Post: Music in 7/8 time

Two or three years ago when I did an edition of “Howard’s Day Off” on unusual time signatures, I had difficulty filling two hours even including works with the briefest of forays into weird time signatures, like “Rite of Spring,” which is really just a regular pounding beat with lots…


Get “over” it – though it’s more than a change

The editors of the Associated Press Stylebook say as far as they’re concerned, they will no longer forbid the use of the word “over” when what you really mean is “more than.” They waved the white flag a year ago but it’s still ricocheting around cyberspace, and I just noticed it…


Cheap fuel, the strong dollar, and Hawaii tourism

I just spent a profitable morning talking to the footsoldiers of Hawaii Tourism Authority marketing efforts, including Darragh Walshe (Auckland), Eric Takahata (Tokyo) and Emily Kim (Seoul) as well as Brian Lynx (chasing conventions) and their general, HTA brand management guru David Uchiyama. The bottom line from on-air interviews and…


Current events: Electric industry’s anti-solar strategy revealed

A presentation to a closed-door meeting of electric power executives in 2012 has come to light as a smoking gun that confirms the suspicion of solar power proponents: that power companies pretending to be for solar power have really been obstructing it. This is going to change the debate on…


The time our land forgot

Here it comes again – Daylight Saving Time – when, across most of the United States, the official time will become an hour earlier in the middle of the night tonight. I’ve been reporting on it twice a year for my whole adult lifetime but my understanding of it was…


How is the job market, really?

A bunch of us who watch the financial markets were gathered at the Hawaii Convention Center the other night, and the guest of honor was John Williams. Not the John Williams who wrote the theme to “Jaws” and “Harry Potter” but the John C. Williams who is the president of…