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Who hears classical music live?

A survey undertaken in 2012 found that 91% of Americans did not attend a classical music event at all that year. Not an indoors classical concert, not a free concert outdoors someplace. Nothing. Now, 9% of American is a lot of people: it’s about 30 million people. Dial out children…

howard in makawao

How I spent my summer vacation

Has this ever happened to you? You watch several people do something. You’ve never done it, and you can’t for the life of you figure out why other people do it, other than from necessity. Then you do it yourself, and suddenly you totally, totally understand. That happened to me…


When will interest rates rise?

The Fed’s Open Market Committee is the one that decides what to do about interest rates – raise them if it’s trying to prevent resurgent inflation – or keep them low if it’s more concerned about the economic recovery faltering. It meets this month, and after that in December. But…


Music Posts: Concertante works by Americans

The first orchestras were not civic organizations for the benefit of all, but were formed for performances inside churches and the mansions of national and regional royalty. Typically a handful of professional musicians would play the hard parts, backed up by parishioners or servants – and sometimes members of the…


How local are you? How local am I?

I call myself a malihini. Technically, a malihini is a newcomer. I’ve been a full-time resident of Hawaii for 15 years. I’ve been coming to Hawaii from my former home in the Washington D.C. area since 1978, the year I married a woman with Native Hawaiian blood who is the mother…


Fiction, non-fiction and quasi-fiction in films

This was the headline for an article in the Hollywood newspaper Variety: “For Fact-Based Films, is Scrupulous Accuracy the Ultimate Goal?” Only in Hollywood would someone think that was a debatable question. For fictional stories we have… fictional stories. A non-fiction story containing stuff that’s wrong is fraud. The only…


When movies surpass their novels

Angela Watercutter, writing in Wired magazine, argues that, in the words of her headline, “’The Martian’ proves movies are now better than their books.” The truth, of course, is that books are usually better than movies made from them, but once in awhile the opposite occurs, and when it does…


Music Post: Not gone, only forgotten

In the fourth decade of compact disc recording, CD labels are being squeezed. On one side are people like my son, who mostly doesn’t buy CDs any more because they listen to streaming music. On the other side are people who still collect and play CDs but already have most…


Top 10 reasons why top 10 lists disappoint

People love lists. And so do websites. When you put each item on a list on its own page, you get a lot more page views because someone clicks on each page to see “10 Things Babyboomers Like that Millennials Don’t” or “30 Things You Should Be Able to Do…


Hawaii and our attitude toward business

Over the weekend, the women’s canoe race on Molokai, Na Wahine O Ke Kai, was called off because of really high seas. Participants who came from other places flocked to their smartphones and laptops to book flights back to Honolulu. Seats were quickly taken, and the revenue management software, which…