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Nicole is Hawaii News Now's social media doer, web writer and a former 5 p.m. producer, But she most identifies as a mom of two boys who survive with both parents in the biz. Fueled by laughter and coffee, Nicole shares parenting headlines and all things that keep her sane(ish).


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Music Post: Genius in the form of a composer

He was a pianist of limited skills, and a composer who knew little of the techniques of orchestration and form. Yet his ear was so good, and his wit so sharp, that virtually every piece was a lacerating commentary on everyone else’s music. So beautiful were his themes that Erik…


Your correspondent, amid nature

Under the spreading albizia tree / the village explainer stands / wond’ring if he’s really safe / in these densely wooded lands. This morning was the photo shoot for Hawaii Public Radio, originally to have been held at Foster Botanical Gardens, but moved to Lyon Arboretum when someone decided the budget…


How to photograph a sound

Today after “Sunrise” I have to hop into the Thunderbird and drive to Lyon Arboretum, that paradise in back of Manoa Valley, where Phyllis Look will be taking pictures of Hawaii Public Radio hosts, including the volunteers hosts, of whom I am one. It’s curious for a radio station to…


How to hire the wrong chief executive

Silicon Valley consultant Steve Tobak wrote a column for Fox Business speculating on how executives leave good jobs with successful companies to run troubled companies and risk their reputation. I would rather explore why troubled companies hire executives from successful companies. During my years in Washington D.C. two of the…


The travails of Brian Schatz and Colleen Hanabusa

Sen. Brian Schatz has been renominated, which means Rep. Colleen Hanabusa will be out of Congress when her current House term ends. Added votes from Puna and Maui actually extended Schatz’s lead, but it remained razor thin, fewer than 2,000 votes. It was a tough race for both candidates, and…


Music Post: The renaissance of Renaissance Music

In the 1960s when I was a kid, the earliest classical music commonly mentioned in books about the great composers was Baroque music, chiefly Bach, Handel and Vivaldi. Some books might mention Palestrina. But the 20th century nurtured musicians and academics who studied early music, and with Baroque ground well-plowed,…


Cops, citizens, the press and the tension in Ferguson, Mo.

There are good cops and bad cops and good cops who make bad decisions, and you can find the same variety in regular citizens. This should be so obvious it doesn’t need saying, but maybe it does need saying after the shooting of an unarmed citizen in Ferguson, Mo., a…


Voting after Tropical Storm Isele

Do you know what happened eight days after Hurricane Iniki struck Kauai in 1992? An election. Turnout was 53%, not too much differenf from the 58% statewide turnout. This doesn’t make delaying the Friday voting in Puna a bad idea – perhaps the Kauai election was not postponed in part…


Puna, power lines and a pummeling

When a tree falls in Puna, does it make a sound in Honolulu? Actually, the problem in Puna doesn’t seem to be lack of concern or caring on the part of the rest of the state, but rather the sheer scope of the damage caused by Isele, and by the…


Here comes the weather

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