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Warning: Howard Dicus thinks for himself and is hard to pigeonhole in our partisan world. Despite blogging, he's been known to spell words properly and use reasonably good grammar. But, more in the blogging spirit, you never know what we'll write about next.


Nicole is Hawaii News Now's social media doer, web writer and a former 5 p.m. producer, But she most identifies as a mom of two boys who survive with both parents in the biz. Fueled by laughter and coffee, Nicole shares parenting headlines and all things that keep her sane(ish).


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The road not taken – on Maui

I’ve always been a reluctant traveler, not wanting to go somewhere with different rules of behavior and inadvertently give offense, but I love maps, and if I’m driving around and there’s time I feel drawn to the far reaches of the map. On Maui that means, among other places, Route…


Music Post: An easy way to approach difficult composers

One of my very favorite pieces of music is Schoenberg’s First Chamber Symphony, and I’ve sampled it often on my public radio show, but only once did I play the entire work, because it’s a difficult piece and if you’re not in the right frame of mind to approach the…


Hawaii tourism: some metrics still rising

The Hawaii Tourism Authority opened its annual conference at the Hawaii Convention Center on Thursday with a pair of reports showing that the state hospitality industry is still on the ascent, though there are signs of cyclical peaking. The first report, from HTA itself, headlined “2014 continues to pace ahead…


A rosier view of the University of Hawaii

Most people in Hawaii have a cynical, negative view of the University of Hawaii, and it’s hard not to sympathize. The Evan Dobelle regime still rankles, especially since his questionable spending at two subsequent posts removed any doubt that he was a spendthrift blowhard who set the school back. Subsequent…


What’s really wrong with the economy

A new Census Bureau report provides stark, extensive evidence that what’s really wrong with the economy is something that should enrage Americans of all political stripes and economic classes, because it threatens all of us, red or blue, rich or poor. “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”…


How much longer can this man be wrong?

In April 2008, when the economy was tanking, Charles Plosser said, “a slowing economy is no guarantee that inflationary pressures will ease.” In May 2010, when inflation pressures had eased, Plosser said, “the risks to inflation in the median to longer run are on the upside.” In June 2011, when…


The new thinking about interest rates, and what it means

The global economy, while in recovery, remains so fragile that central banks are rethinking the idea of letting interest rates rise. This will affect investors, homebuyers, and ultimately all of us. As recently as a couple months ago, we were hearing from central bankers in most countries that it was…


When are quotes taken out of context? When are they not?

Ben Jay, athletics director of the University of Hawaii, says he was quoted out of context. This is like saying that he was quoted. All quotes in all media coverage are taken out of context. An excerpt of any kind is by definition taken out of context, and anyone who…


Music Post: Genius in the form of a composer

He was a pianist of limited skills, and a composer who knew little of the techniques of orchestration and form. Yet his ear was so good, and his wit so sharp, that virtually every piece was a lacerating commentary on everyone else’s music. So beautiful were his themes that Erik…


Your correspondent, amid nature

Under the spreading albizia tree / the village explainer stands / wond’ring if he’s really safe / in these densely wooded lands. This morning was the photo shoot for Hawaii Public Radio, originally to have been held at Foster Botanical Gardens, but moved to Lyon Arboretum when someone decided the budget…