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The edge of pledge

The Hawaii Public Radio spring pledge drive ended at about noon Saturday, the twin networks having raised almost $999,000, beating its goal by a few hundred bucks after an astonishing round of giving in the Saturday morning hours, with scores of first-time givers as well as old friends calling to…


Music Post: Overtures and undertones

When we think of overtures, we think of overtures to something, operas or ballets mostly: “William Tell,” “The Nutcracker,” “The Magic Flute,” “Fidelio,” “Swan Lake,” “The Flying Dutchman.” But sometimes overtures are simply single-movement orchestral pieces five to 15 minutes long, the overtures to concerts. Thus we have Mikhail Glink’s 1826 Overture…


The man with a country

Meet Vit Jedlicka, the president of Liberland, motto: “Live and let live.” Liberland is a very small country. Only two countries are smaller: Vatican City and Monaco. Liberland has a “Preparatory Committee.” Apparently they elected Jedlicka. Maybe this is them. The second guy from the right appears to be Jedlicka,…


The messy truth about neatness

I prefer thrillers to sitcoms and don’t watch the reboot of “The Odd Couple,” but I was reflecting on the enduring popularity of a concept Neil Simon wrote in 1965 when I was 12. The original stars were Walter Matthau and Art Carney. Carney, better remembered as Jackie Gleason’s foil,…

HD age 14

60 is the new 40? Woo-hoo!

So many of the stories saying “60 is the new 40″ don’t give the source of the report, I took some time to find it. It comes from an international think tank in the suburbs of Vienna, Austria. No new scientific discovery, really, just a new analysis of what we…

Wiliwili tower 2

Music Post: Soundtrack to the pledge drive

Twice a year, when Hawaii Public Radio is conducting a 10-day pledge drive, a single edition of “Howard’s Day Off” falls within the asking-for-money period. My own goal for that show – tomorrow is such a show – is to play many short, intense tracks, with the dual objectives of…


Quoth the raven, “Game of Thrones”

This morning on “Sunrise” I read a poem about the long-awaited new season of a certain well-known television series. So you might as well have it: Once upon a cable channel Wearing dirty rags of flannel Grizzled men and girls along with crones Direwolves growling, dogs are howling Maesters clad…

kevin kaska

Music Post: Movie music versus “serious” music

The Hawaii Youth Symphony today has its spring concert at Blaisdell Concert Hall, at which Conrad Tao will solo in George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” and Iggy Jang will solo in Erich Korngold’s Violin Concerto. George Gershwin is far better known than Erich Korngold because Erich Korngold was “just” a…


Music Post: Living classics

My public radio program “Howard’s Day Off” has as many running themes as its host has musical interests, but one of the strongest ones is the desire to map the tonal territory of modern classical music. I’m old enough to remember when most writings about 20th century music focused on…


Golf ball radar: Slice of life at DOD

One of the difficulties of modern times is that we’re all busy and we’re all on the Internet, so people make snap judgments based on whatever we read online, without having or taking the time to study an issue. Maybe that isn’t a big deal if the topic is Kim Kardashian’s…