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Who in Washington has the power to wage war?

There has been some public discourse of late on whether and to what extent a president may order America to wage war, or join a coalition waging war, without first getting some sort of permission from Congress. The answer, as a practical matter, seems to be that a sitting president…


What the FAA needs to do

Now we know that a 36-year-old man who’s feeling destructive and suicidal can shut down one of the largest air traffic control centers in the country by setting a fire, and the FAA doesn’t have the hardware to pick up the slack right away from someplace else. The necessary technology…


Music Post: When composers write for children

Writing for children, or about them, brings out special qualities in most classical composers. They feel free to think in simpler, plainer, more innocent terms, or they force themselves to do so if their intent is to compose something easy to play for someone who hasn’t played for long. Certain…


The new thinking about pain management

Old joke: “Doc, it hurts when I do this.” Doctor: “Don’t do that.” Years ago after a spider bite when my leg grew swollen, and, in my wife’s memorable words, I “stopped making sense,” Kaiser Moanalua Medical Center admitted me for a week of unpleasant but effective recovery. I kept…


What’s in a name? The latest on ISIS

The group itself likes to be called the Islamic State. But it’s not a state. It’s a stateless group of hooligan rebels executing fellow Muslims including women and children. The president and the secretary of state use ISIL, which stands for the Islamic State in the Levant, but the Levant…


The NFL’s policy fumble

The color commentary on Roger Goodell’s news conference Friday was dark, and the sports analysts are giving him poor reviews, suggesting he fumbled an opportunity to convey a sense that the National Football League was taking steps to discourage players from beating up their girlfriends, wives and children. “Goodell showed…


Behind that “no” vote in Scotland

When a vote turns out to be close, or when it turns out to be different from what you expected, it’s always interesting to look at county breakdowns. In the case of the Scottish independence referendum, the breakdowns explain why reporters covering the story thought the vote would be close, when…


Music Post: It takes two to tango, etc.

Jelly Roll Morton, who was there in New Orleans when jazz was first forming, was regarded in my youth as an unreliable narrator because, to hear him tell it, he invented jazz. But research by others has confirmed a lot of what he told Smithsonian researchers, and the more I…


America’s real economic problem

This week I had the honor of addressing the Kailua Chamber of Commerce in Lanikai. I don’t get over to the Windward Side much because of my hours and sleep schedule and I had never been to the Mid Pacific Country Club before so I hadn’t previously known how great…


What Gen. Dempsey said, and didn’t say, about ISIS

The headline in the New York Times this morning is, “U.S. General Open to Ground Forces in Fight Against ISIS in Iraq.” And the lead paragraph says, “President Obama’s top military advisor said Tuesday that he would recommend deploying United States forces in ground operations against Islamic extremists in Iraq…